Saturday, June 27, 2009

Golden varieties cross back is part of the golden variety Arwana.
Variety is found in different places in Malaysia, such as Silver,
Trengganu, Bukit Merah Lake and Johor. Therefore, they often
given in accordance with the nickname origin, such as: Golden Pahang,
Bukit Merah Blue, Gold Malaysian etc.. Referred to as a cross back, because
This variety will have a gold pass to full back,
at the time of adult fish.

This variety are rare, so the price is relatively more expensive
compared with other varieties. Even can be said is
varieties with the highest price.

Depending on the color scale basis, CBG can be classified manjadi
Purple-Based (basic color purple), Blue-Based (basic blue color), Gold
Based (basic colors of gold), and Silver-Based (silver color base). Arwana
Gold with a gold base color can be reached on the full color
age younger than the other varieties.