Saturday, June 27, 2009

Arwana Red chili and Red Blood comes from the waters of Kalimantan
West, namely from the Kapuas River and Lake Sentarum. These
is a forest area of turf to create the environment for primitive
these ancient fish. However, the condition of mineral, water environment turf
(black water), and the number of adequate food reserves have been
mengkondisikan both of which influence the evolution of color on the fish
concerned. The influence of geography is also cause tercipatanya
different variations of the morphology of fish, such as body
more wide, spoon-shaped head, red warnah a more intensive,
color and a more concentrated basis.

Name Red chili and Red Blood given based on the view
intensity of color appears. Red chilli color display shows
color of fruit such as chili, while the red blood showed
look like the color of blood. In terms of physical, Arwana Red chili
have the form of tuebuh wider, while Arwana Red Blood more
long and more slender. Red chili wide body to remain relatively
base of the tail, while the Red Blood appear in narrow
gradual. Besides, the Red Cabe tend to have the head shape
spoon, a frame with a thick shell. Red chili also
characterized with a red eye color and width, with the tails of
shaped diamond (diamond). Because the breadth of this Red chili,
sometimes his eyes as if touching the fringe of the top of the head and
the lower jaw. While the Red Blood-eyed white and more
smaller, and has a fan-shaped tail.

The physical morphology above dudah visible at the time of the Arwana
are still small, so that it can be used for early penciri
distinguish them when young. Besides, the young Red chili
tend to have basic green color with a dense metallic sheen,
while the Red Blood sheen has weaker and tend to like
RTG with the young. Red Blood young body also appear more rounded
compared with the young Red chili.

The development of color between red chili and Red Blood also known
different. Red chilli color growth slower than the
growth in the color Blood Red. Difference in achieving full red
This can be between 1 to 2 years. Although the achievement of full red color
different stages of development but will be relatively the same color.
Usually they will transition through the color orange. Some events
Arwana not show a little red color that have this fixed
blanch until 8 years, then changed to red in the full
within 1 month.

Not easy to surmise that in the potential Arwana red. Required
patience and a little business that is not to determine the potential
from a Arwana red. However, with the experience and
patience it will be done.

Green Arowana

Arwana green is another type of Arwana commonly found in
Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Komboja, and also in some places in the
Indonesia. Penampakan and color variations may be found in
each region. However in general it can be said
that, in general, gray verdure dangan pattern lines
dark color on the tail. The head and mouth, bigger and more
rounded than the other types of Arwana asia.