Friday, June 5, 2009

Feeding KoI

Koi fish are gorgeous in color and more importantly entertaining to own. Most people who own Koi will tell you that they can be trained to eat right out of your hand. Koi will recognize the person who feds them and gather around them at feeding times. With such an enjoyable creature livening up the waters of a backyard pond, how can anyone get bored?

Koi fish are omnivorous which means that they will eat a variety of foods including meat matter and plant matter. They have keen appetites dwelling in water temperatures from 61 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. During the summer months when Koi fish are the most active owners should feed their fish a good quality diet.

Koi receive their food from two sources; their owner and the environment. These fish are an opportunistic eater which means that they will eat whatever comes their way and will fit into their mouths. Koi fish will sometimes nibble on the foliage of underwater plants giving their owners a hard time.

They will also eat a variety of insects that are unlucky enough to get within their range including worms, and snails. Some owners have also reported seeing their Koi pull themselves part of the way out of the water to obtain fallen acorns or nibble on grasses.Koi will also enjoy a variety of foods offered to them by their owners.

Pond owners can offer their Koi a special treat of peas, lettuce, or even watermelons. Koi fish require the right combination of protein, fats, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Owners can ensure that their Koi are receiving these combinations by feeding them pellet food. Most store bought pellet foods for Koi are made to float at the top of the water so the fish are forced to come to the surface.

With the Koi in view it gives the owner the perfect time to observe the fish. They can make sure they have good appetites, that they are healthy, and that they are free of injuries. A healthy diet results in vivid colors of the fish.During the winter months the digestive systems of these cold water fish slows down.

It is not necessary to feed them. They may nibble on algae at the bottom of the pond but, once the temperature goes below fifty degrees Fahrenheit, any food left in their stomachs can become rancid and cause illness to the Koi.Since Koi have such great appetites, owners do not need to put a lot of stress into how much they are being fed or the way they are being fed.

Because of this, one of the best and most relaxing parts of the day for a Koi pond owner is when it is time to feed their fish.Owners take pleasure in the Koi’s willingness to interact with them and see their fish in a different way. While, it is true that Koi need a balanced diet, when it comes to food, it is all fun and games. (