Friday, June 12, 2009

How to Make Your Fish Live Longer

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1. Buy a tank suited to the quantity and size of your fish, with the equipment they need to survive: A filter and (for tropicals) a heater.
2. Cycle your tank before adding any fish
3. Only add one or two fish at a time, so the filter can adapt to the additional bioload.
4. When you get the fish don't just let it into your tank. Use proper acclimation methods. Just floating the bag doesn't help, either. Although this brings the temperature of water in the bag to the temperature of the tank, it doesn't do anything about other factors, such as nitrate and pH levels. Replace the water in the bag with water from the tank in small amounts over an hour or so.
5. For more delicate species, a slower acclimation process is required.
6. Feed the fish in small amounts. Always feed your fish daily.
7. Perform regular maintenance weekly or as needed.