Saturday, June 27, 2009

Red Arowana

Arwana Arwana red varieties are coming from various places
in West Kalimantan Province, such as from the Kapuas River and Lake
Sentarum. Second place is known as the habitat of the Super Red (Chili
and Blood Red).

Red is full will be visible on the young fin fish, in the mouth and
also mustache. The adult, the color red will appear next is
in various other body parts, especially cheek (gill cover) and
marginal scale, so the fish will have a whole show
effect of red.

Basically, the red Arwana grouped in 4 varieties, the Red
Blood (Blood Red), Red chili (Chili Red), Red-Orange (Orange Red),
Red and Gold (Golden Red). The four varieties is generally given
nickname Super Red Red or First Grade (First Grade Red), although
Therefore in the growth of super red refers more to the Red
Chili and Red Blood. While the two varieties more often in the last
as the super red with a lower grade.