Friday, May 15, 2009

BETTA SPECIES (betta relatives)

As long as identified, there are many betta relatives know nowadays such as:

• Betta pugnax (Forest Betta),

• Betta taeniata (Banned Betta),

• Betta macrostoma (Bruney Beauty),

• Betta unimaculata (Golden Slender),

• Betta picta (Painted Betta),

• Betta anabantoides (Pearly Betta),

• Betta edithae (Betta Brederi), dan

• Betta foerschi (Purple Saphire Betta),

The Betta's classified above also called a mouthbroder
(spawning on the mouth). Meanwhile, other relatives, namely

• Betta akarensis (Sarawak Betta),

• Betta coccina (Clorat's Betta),

• Betta bellica (Standart's Betta),

• Betta tesyae (Peaceful Betta),

• Betta smaragdina (Emerald Betta),

• Betta imbelis (Slugger's Betta) and

• Betta splendens (Siamesse Fighting

then . . . species mentioned above the last is what became the idol betta lovers