Thursday, May 21, 2009

Guppy Fish (Poecilia Reticulata)

Guppy originally living in the brackish swamp water. Fish breeding is a way progenitive spawning so easily classified.
The Guppy fish is probably the most popular aquarium fish species in the world, and is also known as one of the cheapest fish in shops even though some forms may be expensive. Small, beautiful, peaceful, lively, curious and hardy, there are many colourful variations that can be collected and easily bred. The Guppy fish is one of the best choices for beginners, especially children. However, like every fish kept in captivity, these fishes also require proper care and conditions.

Male parent has a bright color, a svelte body, the fin spine is longer, has gondopodium (a bulge in the back of the aft fin stomach) which is a modified form of fin anal fin long.
To have female body fat, less bright colors, small back fin, fin fin the form of stomach halus. beside color, form the basic tail guppy fish also vary.
Guppy divided based on the form of a wide tail (tail width), sword tail (long tail), tail and short (short tails). Each variety has 4 kinds of tails. Variety is the latest Ribbon / Swallow.
This is a new variety of different cross mutation causing genes is the result of cross-marrying of different types of this fish.
Guppy breeding with the litter. Guppy a new child is born can swim well. This occurs because the process of internal fertilization guppy that is happening at the time of marriage gondopodium organ that is located on the anal fin is inserted into the female organ of eggs.
Guppy male will chase the female marries ready. Each time the marriage can be a time of birth 3.
Time of birth at around 3 weeks and a female can produce 60 fry. With understand the process of conception until the birth of guppy fish then need to use a method that marriage guppy can easily be controlled and regulated in accordance with our wishes.
Weakness of cultivation guppy inaccuracy is mainly using a system that marries mass. Techniques used in producing a superior strain guppy in with the F4 or also called the system online.
To find a good guppy usually be found with the female form that has a good head. While searching for the male is usually bright colors are also the most dominant.
For guppy Ribbon, Ribbon is very dominant female, whereas males remain male for normal, so to get a male guppy Ribbon still needed a good normal malel.