Thursday, May 21, 2009

Disease of Guppy Fish

The common disease of guppy is fungi. It must be understood fungus grows in a way that is different from the bacteria. Mushroom spore and grow with the growth with a certain condition.
They have developed a particular form of spore cycle and then changes to organisms called miselium.Jamur this can breed very quickly, shaped like a yarn / thread and form networks, such as a thin layer. While the bacteria that usually attacks the guppy is Mycobacterium piscium, also some other cause.
Needs to make to the effective treatment must make an accurate diagnosis, so that they can overcome the disease arise. Disease that attacks the common guppy fish is:

The characteristics of the fish fell ill is The speck-The speck of white on the fish skin. Teteskan alcohol treatment metapen in place as much as 2 drops in one gallon of water / 4 1.12) liters of water. The next step give the salt and leave some saat.Berikan hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria attached to the fishing nets for 15 to 30 seconds. Or can also be used methyline malachite green or blue or acriflavin as disinfektan.
How the treatment of fish bacterial infection should be given the additional space before the treat.

Disease or swelling Bloat
Fish appear restless, the body appear larger because kembung. This is because fish gut inflammation.
Isolation of infected fish, and enter into one gallon of water that has been dibubuhi salt 2 spoons full English. Leave it for 4 or 6 hours, then add water for 12 hours. Once cured can be returned to the place of origin.

Mouth fungus
The affected fish mouth fungus easily seen from the color white which is located in front of the mouth. White mushroom is a very large colony attached to the fish's mouth, so close to the mouth of the fish can not breathe and eat and can cause fish to die.
Aureomycin treatment using 25 mg to 1 gallon of water add 1 drops of iodine and metopen 2 drops.

Gill disease
The affected fish gill inflammation usually caused by a viral organism. The disease is on the gill opening, lazy and always eat on the surface of water.
The disease is caused by several bacteria and fungi and the most difficult to diatasi.Ciri fish die if this insangnya look ruddy and decompose more quickly from the body.
Some of the ways that have been successful is to give metapen mercurochrome soaked some time together and do a treatment with salt water and provide a more large and broad.

The characteristics of the fish exposed to stomach inflammation, among other fish appear to swim to the base difficult. How to give them 1 tsp each salt English 1 / 2 liters of water, and rendam fish for 3 to 4 hours, then move to fish in areas where the height of water 3 times higher bodies of fish. There are still some common diseases that have been known, for example, head lice or needle.