Monday, May 18, 2009

The Creator of Crowntail

Do you know?
The Crowntail was founded 1997 in West Jakarta, Slipi, Indonesia, and the Indonesian breeder named Achmad Yusuf (Iyus), who called it 'cupang serit' in Indonesian. When Henri Gunawan showed this fish in one of the IBC shows, he named it CROWNTAIL.

Here the tail rays extend beyond the tail edge, producing a crown-like appearance (sometimes referred to as "Combtail"). How much the rays may extend depends on the genetic makeup of the fish. The crowntail trait can be found in bettas of any tail type and shape. For instance it can be seen in VT, D, SD, HM (CTHM = half-sun) and DT. The crowntail gene is recessive (or actually intermediar), but singletail carriers most of the time already show more or less extended rays beyond the tail edge.