Friday, May 22, 2009

The Varietas Type of Guppy

Genes marked with a cobra skin color, such as snakes (snake skin) on the entire body of the male guppy color combination of black, white or yellow. Huge cobra guppy figured that because this is the pattern since the first time can be identified. Changes in the genes found in the common cobra species is known as lace. Gen lace pattern has a more subtle and complex. Because it's easy to variettes, cobra style can be found also in the guppy females.

Naming refers to the color blue or dark gray metallic body in the male guppy. Most species are found Metalik Cobra which is a combination of genes and genes metalik cobra. This type of chest and to have a metallic colored body and the back of the cobra figured.

Blue Japan
Blue is the type of Japan came from the wild guppy populations in Japan. Characteristics of this type is the sky blue dipinggang male guppy, because the influence of other genes can vary the color from purple to Turquoise. Latest developments of the type Japan Lazuli Blue is the color generally have a base of the head and tail blue.

Pink White
Characteristics of this guppy is a type of white dipangkal pink tails. This newly identified source of unknown origin. Warnanya bervariasi dari pink ke putih. Variants that have the initial color tinge with red tails, but this time more banyka found with bright solid colors such as blue and white.

Gen tuxedo black color to give ditubuh the back (waist) as black and blue, but its level of coverage vary. Generally cover the back half of guppy. Gen addition to the influence of tuxedo coloring, also give the influence on the size of the fin. Tuxedo tend to have a larger fin.

Gen mozaic pattern shows wavy lines or patterns on the fin guppy. Pattern characteristics in the blue base of tail and aft to the tail fin. The pattern is always have a stack of blue uniform with a yellow or dark blue with red. To maintain the genes mozaic not easy, he must disilangkan other genes with genes that produce the mozaic figured beautiful.

Grass is the development of mozaic. Gen grass is shade from the tail fin and back fin guppy in the form noktah-noktah a knife or fine point black or dark blue. Noktah the form of grass that gives the color difference, grass finely figured knife appears on the grass while the red dots on the pattern noktah blue grass. However, at this time both red and blue grass gress have a smooth complexion noktah point. In the early occurrence of the grass color back fin transparant so often called the glass grass

Leopard characterized with thick noktah spread on random siripnya dark blue to black. Chance of genes is the development of varieties of mozaic but also can be found on the type of cobra silangan with the type of guppy color plain. When this type is not too much less because so favored by the hobbies